what is emc testing

EMC is the brand of electrical engineering in which we have to study the unintentional generation, propagation and reception of the electromagnetic waves. There are different types of machines and equipment that we are using that produces the electromagnetic waves that go unnoticed. These waves are very harmful if absorbed by the human body or any other equipment beyond normal limited. That is why in order to control this situation EMC testing has been introduced.

The clause is included in the low voltage directive that all the machines that are produced and working in the industry will have to go through the EMC testing. It will help the experts determine that whether there are some waves produced by the machines or not. It will help them determine whether these waves are harmful to the individuals or not.

In case the electromagnetic waves are more than normal limits according to the low voltage directive steps should be taken to reduce them and employees should be guided to protect their bodies against these waves. It will help protect the employees from various harmful reactions that might take place in their body by working in the environment that has a high concentration of electromagnetic waves.

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